Video and Sound Production

Wetpaint offers superior video production services for all your brands’ needs. From explainer videos, promotional video production, and TVCs, we’ve got you covered. Delivering on time and in budget is core to our ethos of Service.

With a 25-year track record, it is evident that we are here to stay. We’re that trusted partner you need to ensure your business stays ahead of the rest today and tomorrow. The future is in your brand!

Creative Script Writing

We’re there for those times when you know what you’d like to say but need the right way to say it. Action speaks louder than words. So, let’s pen your story in a way that compels audiences to take the desired action.

Creative Concepts & Storyboards

Television commercials or adverts offer your brand 30 seconds of fame at a time. An opportunity to showcase and tell your story frame by frame.


Video is a powerful medium of communication. It offers an opportunity to create memorable, highly engaging, and interactive content for your brand.


Capture the true essence of your brand through images. Whether it be product photography, corporate photography, content creation for social media, and blogs.

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Voice Selection

Sourcing the best talent to tell your story. Finding a delicate balance between how and who tells your story. Contact us for world-class voice over selection and production.

Radio Production

Looking to tell targeted messages that compel your target audience to take action and build interest in your products and services? Take advantage of the power of radio with the perfect script and well-produced audio to captivate the listener.

TV Commercials

Creating immersive experiences with television commercials that keep your brand top of mind. We offer casting, filming, editing and media buying – your one-stop for taking your brand to the top.

Product Launches

Make noise about your new offerings. Guarantee that your potential consumer is aware of the new products, innovations and technologies you’re introducing to the market.

Conference Management

Leave the basic management of your conferences to professionals. From planning, organizing, leading and control. We deliver a world-class experience for your delegates.

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Video Sound Production

Creating a solid link between the visual and audio experience for your viewers with industry-leading video sound production.

Sound Design

We believe in quality over quantity. Maintaining a high standard throughout the creation, recording, and editing of audio.

Original Scores

We produce authentic audio experiences that breathe life into the visuals. Creating the correct cues for the viewer, stirring up emotions, enhancing the mood, heightening the action, and intensifying the suspense.

Sound Effects, Jingles, & Mnemonics

Ever found yourself humming the jingle of that random TV ad? These are the some of the key elements that make your adverts memorable. We craft unique sounds that consumers can identify your brand through. Mnemonics are a great tool for brand retention and recall.

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