With declining interest in collectible coins, particularly amongst the youth, the South African Mint enlisted our help to launch a commemorative coin range celebrating 25 years of democracy, while implementing a ‘Find. Collect. Keep.’ strategy.
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The South African Mint is responsible for minting all coins of the South African rand on behalf of its owner, the South African Reserve Bank. They are the continent’s leading manufacturer of legal tender circulation, bullion, as well as commemorative and rare, collectible coins.

The collectible coins market was experiencing a downturn in interest especially amongst the “born free” age demographic in South Africa. The SA Mint approached us to assist with launching a special commemorative coin range that celebrated 25 years of democracy in South Africa. We were tasked with building a Go-To-Market strategy that focused on brand awareness and instilling a culture of coin collection amongst the youth of South Africa.

We commissioned 5 established and emerging artists to design coins reflecting their interpretations of democracy and freedom in South Africa. These coins were part of a new series commemorating 25 years of democracy. Our strategy focused on the concept of “Find. Collect. Keep.” to encourage people to discover and retain these special coins, revitalizing a culture of coin collection. With a comprehensive approach spanning social media, digital platforms, PR, and grassroots activations, we successfully engaged both South African youth and the general public in the significance of this commemorative coin set.

  • SA Mint’s social audience surged by 82%.
  • In-mall activations raked in a staggering R1 million in sales.
  • Positive sentiment towards SA Mint soared by 52%.
  • The campaign garnered an impressive R44 million in PR value.
  • Traffic to the SA Mint website surged by 35%.

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