Advertising this, advertising that, advertising here! Seems like impact is perceived as filling space, which makes it even harder for agencies with this mindset to adopt tech, they just haven’t figured out the tech ‘space’. Staying ahead of the curve requires more than just traditional marketing. Read more on pages 18 and 19.
In the vast world of the internet, where user experience reigns supreme, it is remarkable to witness some websites exhibit practices that seem designed to repel rather than engage users. While the intention behind these techniques may have been well-meaning, their execution leaves much to be desired.
As a production director at an advertising agency, I’ve witnessed the magic of captivating campaigns that drive business growth. But there’s one persistent frustration that keeps our industry from reaching its full potential: pitching without a budget. It’s like trying to conjure fireworks without a sparkler.
When creativity reigns supreme, and innovation is the currency in advertising, Petra Mc Cardle stands out not just as a visionary leader but as a beacon of inspiration. As the CEO of Wetpaint, an acclaimed ad agency making waves in the industry, Petra’s journey is not just about business success but also about the profound impact of prioritising people – both in her professional and personal life as a single mother raising two boys.
Welcome to the era of digital dominance, where social media reigns supreme as our gateway to the world. We’re all in on the scroll, the share, and the meme as we navigate the digital landscape on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X, Tik Tok and LinkedIn. But amidst this social media frenzy, a legion of self-proclaimed specialists has emerged.
A pioneer in the advertising landscape, Wetpaint Advertising started its remarkable journey in 1997 as a full-service advertising agency to serve businesses aspiring to build their brands and accomplish goals. This is a needs analysis and performance-based agency widely renowned for its meticulous strategic approach based on strong deliverables of KPIs and return on investment. This differentiates their service, as they focus on deliverables first and then work backward to what they need to do and create to achieve it.
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