Ithuba revolutionised accessibility to the National Lottery PowerBall, allowing effortless online ticket purchases. Their “Big Bucks No Manga Manga” campaign highlighted life-changing potential, leveraging banking app engagement. 

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Ithuba, the catalyst for transforming South Africans’ lives through the National Lottery PowerBall, embarked on a mission to revolutionize accessibility. Introducing a groundbreaking advancement, consumers could now effortlessly purchase tickets online or via their banking app, streamlining their experience while saving precious time and money. But this was just the beginning. Ithuba aimed not only to implement an enhanced PowerBall matrix but to assert its dominance as the ultimate life-altering jackpot game. It was time to redefine expectations, elevate excitement, and solidify PowerBall’s status as the undisputed leader in life-changing fortunes.Successfully making it easier than ever before to Pusha, Phanda, and Play!

We created a powerful concept called “Big Bucks No Manga Manga” (Big Bucks No Lies) we devised a compelling Go-To-Market strategy centered on the life-changing potential of winning Powerball. Our aspirational campaign drove players to engage via their respective banking apps (the first of it’s kind), emphasizing the enhanced convenience of the National Lottery’s online platforms. Leveraging a unique media buying approach, we produced a TV commercial showcasing the allure of winning big, which was seamlessly integrated across digital, social, and programmatic channels. These 360-degree efforts solidified Ithuba’s dominance in the jackpot game arena, establishing supremacy not just in South Africa but across the entire African continent.

  • Record-breaking R145 million jackpot, the highest in Africa’s history.
  • Unprecedented weekly sales of R249 million, setting a new benchmark.
  • Colossal PR value of R32.6 million, amplifying brand reach.
  • Astounding 600% surge in player participation, from 2 million to over 13 million tickets per draw.
  • Impressive 57% sustained increase in PowerBall engagement, affirming Ithuba’s unparalleled success.

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