December 14, 2021 [cresta-social-share]

Twenty Twenty Won!

With just a few days left, it’s only fair to end off with a little bit of bragging, right? See what we did there? It seems like we’ve been on a winning streak. Receiving awards left and right, so we’ve truly earned the bragging rights. But on a serious note, we owe our success to our truly inspired team with that Ford kind of focus. The energy in the office is always as bubbly as a champagne bottle. Our clients know that we’re like a national newspaper after the annual matric exams. We always deliver results. And that’s been our winning formula for Twenty Twenty Won!

Wetpaint awards

An action-packed journey

It’s ironic how our work touches so many lives, yet we still manage to stay untouchable. What an unbelievable 24-year journey. Can you believe it? Almost a quarter of a century in the game. Our journey felt like a classic action movie. Starting in humble beginnings, learning the ropes, and rising to excellence. 2021 is that moment when we walk towards the camera in slow motion with an explosion behind us. Our creativity is the bomb!

So nice we did it twice

The little, big agency. Wetpaint Advertising is proof that size does matter. We’re a compact team, doing big things. Being recognised as the Most Innovative Integrated Marketing Agency in the MEA Markets African Excellence Awards and Advertising Agency of the Year in the Corporate Livewire South Africa Prestige Awards. I guess all good things do come in twos. So you can imagine the level of optimism we have for 2022.

We look forward to continuing to add the “social” to social media marketing. The search for innovative solutions to SEO and SEM. The appetising to advertising. And, of course, hitting home runs when we’re on a pitch. As we continue to grow our African footprint in 2022, we’ll be sure to save you a seat so you can also enjoy our Twenty Twenty cruise.

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