January 20, 2022 [cresta-social-share]

Third Time’s a Charm at Wetpaint

A wise man once said, “First time lucky. The second time is a coincidence. But third time is hard work and fortune.” And we all know you can’t dispute any sentence that starts with “a study has shown” or “a wise man once said.” In 2021, Wetpaint proved that hard work indeed pays off, winning three awards, the most recent being the Integrated Agency of the Year at the Corporate Livewire Global Awards. Not only is the team charming, but we’ve also proved that third time’s a charm.

The team was definitely on the edge of their seats when we received news that we were shortlisted amongst some of the best on the globe. The thought that over 90 000 business and corporate professionals were going to make nominations and decide who was deserving of such a prestigious accolade didn’t make it any simpler. Yet we rose above the rest and took it home. This has definitely taken our morale and confidence to even greater heights.

If 2021 is anything to judge by, then you can rest assured that some amazing things are coming in 2022 from the Wetpaint team. Winning awards is definitely motivating. Walking by our trophy cabinet and seeing all those shiny accolades is the next best thing after watching the sun rise on a warm summer morning. 

We really look forward to reaching even greater heights this year. So, watch this space!

Speaking of space, do you know how tough it is to figure out where to put your trophies when your cabinet is running out of space?

I mean, where are-we going to put all 2022 trophies. Perhaps we should try find the machine from the movie Honey I shrunk the kids and see if we can miniaturize the silverware to create space for new ones. We have to admit though, it hasn’t been an easy journey.  However, seeing the smiles on our client’s faces when we present our pitches, and watching those smiles widen after we deliver the promised results is the ultimate reward.

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