Testimonial – Mercury Buildit

Does marketing concern you?

Wetpaint has been our marketeer since 2012.

This first question that follows such a comment is: how have you benefited?

Being part of a franchise, we need to establish our own brand, bigger than the group. Wetpaint has given Mercury a brand within the Build It group and regionally.

Our pride for this achievement we share with them.

The services they have used to do this are:

• Annual print promotions pitted against national brands like Makro and builders warehouse. Successfully and competitively.

• Established our Facebook page and runs our campaigns on FB.

• Established and manages our Website: on a small budget we get significant daily visits.

• Published our company handbook.

• Did our company history video.

• Has been our event organizer, both for staff events and for customers.

In all these projects, print and digital, Wetpaint have taken the small idea we gave them in our brief, and exploded it into a creation filled with colour, imagination, and a currency giving us a reach way beyond our size.

✓ Their approach is modern.

✓ Their work is energetic.

✓ Their products appealing.

Well done and thank you Wetpaint.

A. Mercouris

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