To be honest, Ad Agencies are literally ‘a dime a dozen’ and will by their very nature, put forward glossy presentations promising the earth and touting abilities that you might sit in awe at! But remember, this is their JOB!

So when you sit down with the team from Wetpaint, you immediately get a sense of genuineness, reality, openness and a really ‘good story’! Wetpaint can deliver and have the infrastructure to support the words.


We are exceptionally pleased with the service we receive from Wetpaint. The team provide an exceptional level of marketing & digital knowledge alongside practical hands-on day to day support. They very quickly understood the uniqueness of our business and nothing, no job, no suggestion or concept from our side is too big a deal.


After just months together, we had already made more progress than our previous agency had in a year. The growth in performance after such a short period has far exceeded our expectations. It is pretty rare that an agency can back its service promise at an acceptable price and deliver on time.


The team at Wetpaint are real people, who are available to discuss anything at the drop of a hat. The interaction is always cordial, professional and intuitive, which makes our product and service in the market far more tangible.  Wetpaint have undoubtedly become a valuable addition and support mechanism to our in-house team.

We would definitely recommend Wetpaint for integrated marketing, digital advertising and business communication requirements.






Roger Munitich
General Manager – Sales, Marketing and R&D

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