Should Marketers Fear Being Replaced by Artificial Intelligence?

Posted by:Strat Team

No. Bam! Question answered, article done. You’re welcome. Time for beer. That’s human efficiency for you. It’s probably also a factor that strongly contributes to the fear that we all have of the rise of the machines. We know that most of us are lazy sods, looking for corners to cut and reasons to go…

Mayweather vs McGregor: 4 Content Marketing Lessons “The Money Fight” can Teach You

Posted by:Strat Team

  In case you hadn’t heard, boxing promoters are taking a page out of the professional wrestling guide to quality fights, and on August 26 boxing artiste, Floyd Mayweather will be standing across the squared circle from MMA braggart, Conor McGregor, to bring this much-ballyhooed “money fight” to screens around the world. You might be…

4 Ways Marketing Is Like Going To War

Posted by:Strat Team

From Strategy To Integration, It’s A War Out There When you’re working on the strategy for a campaign that is intended to achieve industry (or even world) domination for your client, by reaching the appropriate targets, it can feel like you’re preparing for war rather than marketing activities. As it turns out, the two contrasting…

The Brand Mechanics
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