Building Brand Awareness In The Age Of Engagement

Posted by:Strat Team

  5 of the most powerful ways to let your potential consumers know you exist With the gathering, analysis and interpretation of data sitting at the top of the totem pole of modern marketing priorities, a hard-to-define concept like “brand awareness” can end up sounding like so much esoteric vagueness in the ears of those…

5 Ways to Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level With User-Generated Content

Posted by:Social Team

So, last month we told you that the future of digital marketing is going to belong to the consumer. We then went on to suggest that you encourage audience interaction with your brand, and promote the creation of user-generated content. We then ended the article, and gave you no insight, at all, as to how…

4 Reasons The Future Of Digital Marketing Belongs To The Consumer

Posted by:Strat Team

Back before every brand had a website, when digital marketing was still something that late adopters were warily checking out from the corner of a squinted eye, one of the prime selling points that us digital marketers tried to drive home for potential clients was the equalising effect that digital technology had on the promotional…

The Brand Mechanics
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