CATEGORY: Digital and Social Media campaign.

SERVICES: Strategy Conceptualisation, Graphic Design, Production, UI/UX Design

Tupperware, is a brand that has dominated heartshare and been the centre of many stories told around a South African kitchen table. This cultural staple of a brand is a multinational company that provides South Africans with quality home product rages, including kitchen gadgets, storage containers, and serving products for the kitchen and home. Tupperware tasked us with creating brand awareness and in turn, upping sales. The brand historically had long dominated, word of mouth, and now Tupperware needs to infiltrate social media and meet their growing audience where they are.

Lastly, Tupperware’s limited e-commerce capabilities may have stifled their business potential, as audiences increasingly rely on online channels for shopping and product research.

Tupperware has supplied communities with kitchen staples for over 75 years, so naturally the sentimentality of the product needed to be celebrated. We reminded consumers of just how distinct Tupperware quality is. We launched a light-hearted social campaign that highlighted how to identify genuine Tupperware from cheap imitations.

The next phase of the campaign saw a partnership between Tupperware and much-loved celebrity chef, Zola Nene. On a cooking show, Chef Zola and a Tupperware rep showcased the new range of Tupperware products and demonstrated numerous ways they can be used in the kitchen.

The partnership with Chef Zola Nene, sparked numerous conversations around Tupperware!

  • The social campaign and partnership sparked numerous conversations around Tupperware, and of course highlighted the new range.
  • The campaign resulted in R35 729 in sales.
  • From the paid campaign they recorded 2 sales, 146 Adds to Cart and 18 Checkouts Initiated.
  • 374 website views altogether, 372 website adds to cart, and 36 initiated checkouts.
  • 43 285 social media impressions achieved.
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