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SERVICES: Strategy Creation, Graphic Design, Production, UI/UX Design

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on all facets of life, with physical distance arguably being the worst. Allan Gray, a dominating, industry heavyweight, tasked us with hosting their annual investment summit amid the pandemic, an event that they had never hosted virtually before.  Whichever form the summit took, it needed to retain the feeling of coming together for something special and make the attendees feel like they were there in person.

We created a virtual event that would give the audience the feeling of being physically present and 3000 investors were in attendance. The event focused on financial and economic issues and featured investment experts, best-selling authors, and future-focused thought leaders from around the world. All people who dominate in their respective fields.

To achieve this objective, we partnered with world-class DOPs, vision mixers, stage designers and used animated backdrops to create a live-streamed webinar that was tailored to each topic. To further bridge the gap of virtual attendance, we incorporated dynamic panel sessions, live polls, and real-time text to screen Q&A sessions, all in an effort to make the investors feel like they were right there in the studio with us.

We successfully created the largest live-streamed investment webinar to come out of South Africa. ​

  • 3000 investors were hosted virtually, a feat that had never before been achieved. ​
  • We successfully created the largest live-streamed investment webinar to come out of South Africa. ​

The fourth Allan Gray Investment Summit featured fresh perspectives on financial and economic issues from investment heavyweights, best-selling authors and future-focused thought leaders.

The success of the event demonstrated that it’s possible to overcome obstacles and provide exceptional interactive experiences even in the face of adversity. Paving the way for global webinars to come. 

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