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PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

Brief Project Description

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) approached Wetpaint to raise brand awareness and generate traffic to their website around the Budget Speech 2016. The result of the campaign was to achieve recognition for PwC as the leader in all things Budget and generate downloads of the Tax Card produced after the Budget Speech that afternoon. Therefore, the campaign was only a single day – as 24 hours after the Budget Speech, it would be old news.

Target Market
The target market consisted of:

  • Medium to Large Corporates
  • Financial institutes

The Strategy
Wetpaint believed if we could dominate the conversation online pre-Budget Speech, the engaged audience would continue to engage Post and download the Tax Card that day. The strategy was therefore to start the campaign 3 days prior to the Budget Speech and dominate and own the important financial portals. A predictions campaign commenced and a countdown to D-Day – with insights from key players at PwC as to what was to be expected from the Budget Speech. Therefore, the following platforms were used to engage with the target market:

  1. Google Adwords campaign commenced linked to Prediction videos on Youtube and PR articles
  2. Homepage Takeovers & banners were placed on Business Report, News24, Moneyweb, Fin 24, Financial Mail which drove to the Videos, PR articles and web landing page
  3. 702 and Cape Talk – ran Live reads and 30Sec spots driving listeners to the predictions videos for different business sectors, to ensure they were prepped for the aftermath of the Speech.
  4. Social Media platforms kicked off the same campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

The Roll out
The campaign commenced in the following manner:

  1. The Pre-Campaign commenced 3 days prior to the budget speech
  2. The Post-campaign switched 4 hours after the Speech, with the actual Tax Card for Download
  3. The Download campaign pushed across all platforms utilised for 24hours
  4. Retargeting allowed us to ensure we engaged with the already interested users as well as new potential users

The Result: KPIs and Return On Investment
Client gave Wetpaint specific targets and KPIs to meet, which were surpassed for the Marketing campaign:

  1. To exceed click-through numbers achieved in 2015
  2. To gain market share over the period from competitors
  3. To exceed downloads numbers from 2015 of the Tax Card

The Numbers:

Social Media

Facebook308 922LinkedIn245 322Twitter42 884

SEO, Video Marketing & Adwords
A total of 322 158 impressions and 3 100 clicks were served over the Budget Speech period across the PPC and PPV campaigns (display banners, AdWords and Video).
AdWords’ overall CTR was over 2% and this is brilliant. It means the campaign was well optimised and relevant. Video pay per view’s CTR was over 8%. This was also a brilliant achievement. Video Organic search results garnered 1 833 views in only 3 days, this performed brilliantly considering that the video went live a few days before the campaign, and marketing elements were done under a limited time frame. 2015 impressions were exceeded by 300% and click-through rate 100%

Banner ads & Homepage Takeovers
A total of 1 964 058 impressions were served over the Budget Speech period across IOL, News24, Fin24, Financial Mail and Money Web . 736 026 unique browsers were reached across the sites over the 4 day campaign period.

Section Takeovers ran on IOL and News 24 on Budget Speech Day, 24 February 2016 offering maximum reach and exposure on both platforms. Over 1,2 million impressions were served on News 24 News and SA landing pages with 516 282 unique users reached on the day. Campaign received a total of 10 065 unique clicks across the sites with an overall CTR of 0.61%. 12 062 people went to the site in 4 days, exceeding 2015 Impressions by 92 425

The new strategy outperformed itself with the brand trending on the day. The website hit record sessions with 21,448 downloads for the day of the Tax Card.

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Services Offered

Wetpaint were specifically responsible for delivering:
Copy & Content Writing
Social Media Management
Adwords Campaign Management
Radio Production
Video Marketing
Media Planning
Media Buying
Campaign Management

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