Tupperware faced challenges amid rising competition. Our dual objectives were to restore its premier status in kitchens and revitalize its online presence. We launched a social campaign to educate consumers and an online cooking show. 

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Tupperware, a brand synonymous with household warmth and reliability, has long held the esteemed position as the centerpiece of South African kitchens, fostering countless tales and traditions. However, amidst rising competition from more affordable alternatives, the brand faced a pivotal moment. Tasked with a dual challenge, we were called upon to revitalize Tupperware’s market dominance while simultaneously reigniting its online presence.

Our objectives were clear:

  1. Restore Tupperware’s status as the premier provider of kitchen essentials, spanning gadgets, storage solutions, and serving products, reaffirming its indispensable role in households nationwide.
  2. Strategically reinvigorate the brand’s dormant e-commerce platform, seamlessly balancing this digital expansion with the preservation of its invaluable network of commission-based sales representatives, ensuring their continued relevance and success within the company’s ecosystem.

To address the threat posed by emerging, more affordable “Tupperware” alternatives, we developed a light-hearted social campaign. This initiative aimed to educate consumers on distinguishing genuine Tupperware from cheap imitations flooding the market. Using 5 carefully curated nano influencers the campaign conveyed various scenarios illustrating why the target audience should opt for Tupperware over the inexpensive replicas.

To complement the first-tier efforts, we curated an online cooking show. In collaboration with renowned celebrity chef Zola Nene to showcase the brand’s innovative products throughout the years. The live cooking demonstration seamlessly integrated new and existing Tupperware items into the e-commerce site, featuring live banner coupons for viewers to enjoy discounted purchases.

Additionally, we implemented a sophisticated geo-location-based mechanism. This ensured that each lead generated from the e-commerce site was directed to the nearest sales advisor, safeguarding their commission and preserving their integral role within the sales network.

  • The social campaign garnered a Ecomm cart value of R303 924.08 in 48hours of the show.
  • The e-commerce re-launch garnered 23 702 new users to the Tupperware® customer base .

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