MEI Indaba: Event Production

Brief Project Description

The Brief

The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) presented Wetpaint with a very important task of planning and launching their inaugural Metals and Engineering Indaba, which was an event that focuses on creating a platform for business and government to collaborate on solutions for a turnaround effort for the metals and engineering sector.


Target Market

The target market consisted of professionals from the following industries:


  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Government
  • Metals
  • Engineering

The Strategy

In order to promote the MEI Indaba and gain maximum brand exposure as well as event awareness we selected the following channels to convey our messaging strategy. We also ensured that all channels complimented each other as we were able to engage our targets successfully. Wetpaint believed in a two pronged approach that targeted delegates as well as sponsors and exhibitors. The first priority was to develop the concept, look and feel for the event and create a functioning website that will be utilised for all event communication both internally and externally. We also incorporated various mediums from print and radio to OOH and online, in order to promote the event at the right target market in large volumes with direct and specific messaging. This was to encourage sponsorships, exhibitors as well as delegate registrations. The campaign ran for 6 months prior to the event.


  1. Website Design and Development
  2. Social Media Management
  3. PR Articles and Emailers
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Video production
  6. Print Adverts in 13 related publications
  7. Radio Advert production aired on 3 stations
  8. Event management, coordination and setup
  9. Media planning



The Roll out

The campaign commenced in the following manner:


  1. Creating and designing a Brand and CI, followed by a functional website specifically for the MEIndaba. The website acted as the base of the campaign of which we were able to start promoting the event and where potential delegates, exhibitors and sponsors could register.
  2. Management of registration process and database creation for the event.
  3. Gathering sponsorship, exhibitors and media partners.
  4. Securing prime locations, publications and media platforms for all marketing efforts.
  5. 11 press releases, circulated through 9 publications 6 months leading up to the event.
  6. 27 print ads distributed amongst 13 publications that circulated 6 months prior to the event.
  7. Designing and producing collateral from banners, lollipop signage, and other event material.
  8. Billboards were conceptualised and appeared around 3 key locations in Gauteng for 10 days.
  9. Twitter account setup and management 6 months prior to the event as well as being utilised to livestream it.
  10. Online Banner creation and placement on 6 publications.
  11. Organising, conceptualisation, management, and production of the exhibition and conference areas with all materials, venue selection and booking, exhibitors, planning, signage, stages, seating setup and lightning, etc.
  12. Developing and managing the production of goodie bags.
  13. Management of the registration process.
  14. Pre and post video production of the event.


The Result: KPIs and Return on Investment

Client gave Wetpaint specific targets and KPIs to meet, which were surpassed for both the Marketing campaign and Event itself


  1. 3 Sponsors to be secured – Result: x8 sponsors gained
  2. 3 Media Partners secured – Result: x6 partners gained
  3. 200 Delegates to Attend – Result: x250 delegates received
  4. 15 Exhibitors – Result: x18 Exhibitors booked
  5. Majority of Delegates to register on the website – Result: x189 registered through the site
  6. Brand Awareness in the Industry – Result: Over 10 million people reached
  7. R100 000 Media Coverage – Result: R250 000 value received
  8. R500 000 Added Value – Result: R966 379 received

The Numbers:

Stats Infographic – Still to sort out



This was the first inaugural Indaba held by client and was a wild success. With over 250 delegates on both days really highlighted how well the campaign marketing went. By integrating both traditional and digital mediums the total the audience reach and client’s exposure for the entire campaign was just under 11 million people. With over 20 expert speakers, government officials and ministers the depth of knowledge delegates were exposed to at the Indaba was outstanding. By acquiring the leading named companies as sponsors, media partners and exhibitors, the prestigious nature of the event was unmatched. Overall the Indaba helped grow the SEIFSA brand and set the foundation for many more successful ones to come.

Contact Details

Faith Mabaso
SEIFSA | Marketing

Tel: +27 11 298 9456

The Metals and Engineering Indaba - Post Event Summary

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Services Offered

Wetpaint were specifically responsible for delivering:


  1. Marketing and Advertising:
    • Conceptualisation & Strategy
    • Copy & Content Creation
    • Social Media
      • Advertising
      • Platform Management
      • Content Creation
      • Live Streaming
    • Branding and Design
    • Digital and Online Marketing
      • Website development
      • SEO
      • Display Banner Advertising
      • AdWords
    • Media Planning and Buying
    • PR
    • OOH Billboard Production
    • Radio Production
    • Marketing Material and Collateral
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