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Ethiopian Airlines

Brief Project Description

The Brief:

Ethiopian Airways approached Wetpaint to assist in a “changing perceptions” campaign within the South African Market. These perceptions were that the brand’s fleet is small, dangerous, and flies old planes. Our efforts were to negate these perceptions and grow positive brand awareness.


Target Market:

The target market consisted of:


  • Holiday travellers
  • African continent travellers
  • Retail buyers
  • Honeymooners
  • Matric holiday makers
  • Students
  • Corporate travellers


The Strategy:

In order to reposition the Ethiopian Airways brand to the South African market, Wetpaint believed that an integrated approach was necessary to achieve the client’s objectives. Via a “numbers campaign”, by utilising various mediums, we could provide better education on the Ethiopian brand. This would highlight the size of their fleet, the quality of their planes, the number of destinations they operate in, and the awards the brand has achieved over the years. The campaign was set to run for a year.


  1. Developing a local website for the south African target market
  2. Content creation for the South African target market
  3. A two-fold radio marketing strategy
  4. TV advertising.
  5. Print and OOH advertising.
  6. Online and digital marketing.
  7. Integration of the above strategies.



The Roll out:

The campaign commenced in the following manner:


  1. A local website for the South African market with ticket purchasing functionality was developed for the client’s brand. This was to be the first point of contact for consumers and was the base of which all other marketing drove customers to.
  2. Social media platforms, namely Twitter and Facebook, were setup for the client and promoted the brand through educational content as well as incentivised content to grow the platforms. From artwork, advertising, content creation and platform management and monitoring, these mediums then ran in tandem with other marketing elements.
  3. Media planning and buying strategy ensured we booked the right, spaces, days and times to run the integrated campaign. From TV stations, radio channels, billboard spaces and other digital platforms.
  4. Online banner advertising and other SEO tools were utilised to help direct consumers to the new website and were placed on popular travel and leisure websites.
  5. A two-fold radio marketing strategy, in partnership with 5FM, was developed in which we would air our produced ads that were generic brand awareness, live reads by popular radio personalities, promotional ads that focused on a competition for consumers to win free airline tickets of which tied into the social media strategy, as well as a promotion of the brand on the 5FM website.
  6. OOH advertising through well designed billboards flighted on busy routes throughout Gauteng. These were brand generic designs to encourage further education of the brand and inform consumers about their services.
  7. Our sound and video production team worked hand in hand with designers and copywriters to create TVC ready adverts.
  8. A 30 second TVC was created from the conceptualisation, storyboards, scripts and effects to final edits and layout. This ad then ran on 15 channels on DSTV for 3 months. During the campaign we monitored its performance and made necessary changes in order to get it on the right channels for maximum exposure.
  9. Additional video content was created for the brand and was uploaded onto YouTube and through video marketing allowed us to showcase the brand’s positive attributes to change the conceptions of consumers.
  10. Together all the elements ran during a 1 year campaign that drove the client’s objectives with a positive ROI.



The Result: KPIs and Return on Investment


The Numbers:


  1. Social Media


Over 9 months from initial setup, through our content and advertising strategy, the platforms garnered the following stats:



55 500 Page Likes

Over 100 000 page engagements

A Reach of over 3.3 million



70 060 Followers

Over 66 500 page engagements

4000 Tweets

A reach of over 4000 000


  1. Radio:

4 winners.

1 grand prize winner.

866 000 weekly listeners

3.5 million monthly listeners.


  1. OOH Billboards:

3 prime spots in Sandton City, on Sandton Drive and the Buccleuch Interchange for 4-6 months with traffic counts from 366 000, 390 000 and 368 292 in total, respectively.


  1. TVC:

Over 900 spots on different DSTV channels for over 4 months. With a viewership of over 5 million subscribed users and a reach of 13.5 million consumers.



The integrated marketing campaign was a huge success and generated large volumes of traffic to the website as well as increased brand awareness and changed perceptions of the brand within South Africa. Our Social Media strategy was seen as the best of all their platforms worldwide and even encouraged countries like France to enquire about how we did our strategy.

We increased ticket sales within South Africa 10 fold.


Contact Details

Yohannes Teklu
Ethiopian Airlines | Regional Manager
Tel: +27 11 781 5951

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Services Offered

Wetpaint was specifically responsible for delivering:

  1. Conceptualisation & Strategy
  2. Design and Layout:
    1. Copy and Content Creation
    2. Artwork
    3. Graphic Design
    4. Ecommerce Website Design and Development
    5. Marketing Material
    6. POS
    7. Digital
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Online Marketing
  5. Radio & TV Production
  6. Media Planning
  7. Media Buying
  8. Project Management
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