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How To &!$$ Off An Online Shopper!

Posted by:SEO Team

Share This:   I hope that nobody minds if I hijack this platform for my disgruntled musings over some recent annoying experiences with online retail in South Africa. More than that, though, I hope that at least a couple of business owners stumble upon this diatribe, and take a moment to consider whether or not…

White, Black And Grey Hats. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of SEO Cowboys

Posted by:Strat Team

Share This:   It’s not uncommon in the industry to hear “SEO cowboy” bandied about as a term of derision for irresponsible Search Engine Optimizers. The descriptor is meant to imply a professional habit of recklessness but the thing is, we’ve watched The Good, The Bad And The Ugly about a thousand times, and let’s…

4 Reasons You Should Like This Article

Posted by:SEO Team

Share This:   Oi! You! Pay attention! Pay attention, and give us a ‘like’. Did it work? Are you paying attention? Yes? Did you hit ‘like’ or ‘share’? Have you engaged this content in any other way? Reading it does not count as engagement, by the way. No one cares if you read this. What…

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